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You've Got This

The Essential Career Handbook For Creative Women


Combining 20+ years of creative experience and working with clients like the The Wiggles, Katy Perry, KIIS FM and Pure Gold Networks, iHeartRadio, Amazon Prime Video, Hayu, Universal Music, Sony, Music, and Live Nation, PR professional and founder of The Comms Department, Bec Brown brings you You've Got This – the ultimate career hack for anyone wanting to build their dream career in any creative industry.

You've Got This gets candid about the realities of today's working world and guarantees a more rewarding path to success – to score your dream job or start a business doing something you love while earning a great income and enjoying the journey along the way.

The working world can be competitive and fast-paced and the unfortunate reality is that many clever graduates and smart professionals are struggling with feeling anxious or frustrated and re-assessing their values and motivations.  But thankfully, there's a way to take charge. Offering smart, honest, 100% proven tips, valuable anecdotes and easy-to-action advice, You've Got This arms you with everything needed to reach your creative and earning potential and find career fulfilment, minus the burnout.

Published by Penguin Random House and available as a book, ebook, or audiobook.




YOU'VE GOT THIS is your go-to-guide on mastering:


How to stand out from the crowd and build an exceptional reputation in a positive and authentic way.

Defining your own measure of success and personal brand to ensure you end up on the right career path.

How to build valuable relationships – from networking, working well with your boss, and dealing with office politics.

How to be cool in a crisis with tips on overcoming challenges, dealing with setbacks or change, and dismissing the fear of failure.

How your voice can be your biggest ally – because how you say something is just as important as what you say, learn how to master your pitch, pace, tone and volume.

Learn whether you're an introvert or extrovert and how to use this to your advantage.

Managing your work-life balance so that work remains fun and you never burn out.

The dos and don'ts of meetings, work events, and social media.

Plus tips on starting your own successful business and other life lessons to apply to your professional life.

Packed with memorable words of wisdom in easy-to-read bite-sized pieces and beautiful illustrations by design-expert Inga Campbell, You've Got This is a refreshing and practical guide that ensures you not only end up on the right track to success, but that you are able to stay on that track for years to come.

Part author proceeds from every book sold will be donated to two charities that support women:  Fitted for Work and Life Changing Experiences' SISTER2Sister.

Leigh Campbell

Mamamia Executive Editor and You Beauty podcast host

"If you're looking for a wishy-washy career book full of pointless inspirational quotes then sadly this isn't the book for you. You've Got This is packed with practical advice that's straightforward, easy to action and importantly, works. I found myself nodding along to every step, tip and trick, it's an invaluable business mentor in a (not boring) book."   

Sally Obermeder 

TV host, author and co-founder of SWIISH

"Whip-smart. Honest. Genuine. Practical. Encouraging. Yes, that's an accurate description of Bec, but it's also how I'd describe her advice in this book. Bec's poured all her hard-earned knowledge and experience to create this invaluable go get 'em guide filled with advice, tips and recommendations. Plus, every page has Bec's signature warmth and you can just hear her chanting 'You've got this!' through every single page."

Amanda Keller

TV & radio host

"A brilliant how-to that will help you negotiate a successful career in any creative industry with skill, heart and smarts. This book holds the collective wisdom of one of the greats of media and PR. I wish this advice had been around at the beginning of my career."

Shelly Horton

9Honey journalist and owner of ShellShocked Media

"This is the book I wish I had when I started in journalism and then again when I started my own business. It will help you at any stage of your career. It's practical and broken up into bite sized pieces of wisdom. I'll be gifting You've Got This to all of the girls that I mentor."

Ash London

TV & radio host

"This is more than just a how-to guide. On these pages is priceless encouragement for those who want to succeed in the media industry without sacrificing the most important thing – themselves! Here's to a future where kindness and authenticity are at the forefront of what we do and how we do it!"

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